05 December, 2007

15 Things to Know

This is my last post and I think it fits that it be on the practical things I've learned about living in Barcelona as an arch. student as well as knowledge that would be very useful for future students here.

Yes, much of this information is subjective.

Yes, some of this debunks what we were told (go to Corte Ingles, Workcenter)

I think it would be really neat (as if we read eachothers posts until afterwards) if we all put in a few words of advice and told those coming in the spring to look if they want.

15 Things I know now:

1. Do not go to Corte Ingles. FNAC, Carrefour, and Hardware shops have what you need.

2. Carrefour and the markets are your best grocery bet. But the grocery store away from the rambla (on Nou de la Rambla) carries Texas BBQ pringles.

3. There's a reason "Study" is before "abroad." You will see far more of your computer than Barcelona.

4. Yes, your dormitory building is located within a block of a 24-7 hooker area

5. Accept that the Barcelona Port-Rambla area wins the awards for sketchyness, PDA, and overall public inebriation.

6. For girls, Burkhas are not a bad idea. Learn: "Dejame en paz", "Ve te" and walk fast.

7. UPC's library and printing center are just as easy to get to as workcenter; Line 3 all the way up to Universitaria. Building A, down the stairs on left (thanks Tyler) Did I mention ONE FIFTH OF THE PRICE of workcenter?

8. FNAC requires a passport for credit card transactions.

9. Two great deal restaurants: Quinze Nits in Placa Reial, get there early, All you can eat sushi near Via Laietana and the port

10. Security guards: Old guy will getcha! Julia is a sweetheart and a talker (Spanish only).


12. Don't bring heels or shoes without grips.

13. Yes, that yelling woman needs to be taken out.

10. Doner Kepab beats Beezers any night.

11. See as much of Barcelona and Europe early!

12. Get ready for "Wow! Densities" "This is my urgency" "Talking about..." and innapropriate references.

13. JC is an idea volcano. If you walk around the lava you're going to get burned and covered with more lava. Furthermore, you can't possibly gather more than 1 small lava specimen for testing and to solidify. Also, there will always be more exploding lava. I need sleep.

14. Europe does chocolate, wine, and croissants. America does steak, subs, and candy.

15. Professor Hecker is amazing. :)

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