10 December, 2007


Finishing off the semester here in Barcelona, we decided to attend the FCB vs. Deportivo game. It was unbelievable. Dannielle, Will, Dave, and I got tickets weeks ahead of time and we have been anticipating this game for days. We were so excited. Will, Dannielle, and I decided to show out Barcelona spirit and buy jerseys to wear to the game. Dave also showed his spirit by wearing an FBC scarf to the game. When we got to the stadium, we did not know what to expect. The stadium was huge and the field was unbelievable. The game started, and not but 2 minutes into the game, Deportivo scored a goal. It was really scary because we were not sure what the outcome of this game was going to be. Later in the game, Barcelona ended up scoring two goals, and winning the entire game as a result. The stadium went crazy went they scored. It was so much fun. That night, I felt like I was from Barcelona and supporting my home team.

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