01 December, 2007

Utrecht and I'm transferring

Clemson, if you want to be in the top 20, quit fooling around with useless projects like renovating the pavement in front of Tillman and trying to keep reflection pool in front of the library clean. If you REALLY wanted to be in the top 20, you would follow Utrecht's example and get a few buildings designed by Koolhaus and other famous architects (like the Educatorium, where people can get edumacated, or the Minnaert building designed by OMA which uses a large interior pool of a water as a thermal mass.) Also, the library absolutely blew my mind... which could explain why I made Hunter stay for about a day longer than he wanted to. It was bold and dramatic, and had about every type of study space you could ask for in a library. It also had really cool furniture, including a hallway of lounges with designer bean bags and plasma screen televisions... not that's a library!

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