18 December, 2007

when the world came to gander

due to a generator malfunction in one of our engines, the continental flight that maria, christa, and i were on was grounded at Gander international airport in newfoundland, canada. we thought itd be about an hour before we were on our way to newark...but we ended up staying around 4 hours at the airport. that night we stayed at the sinbad hotel in gander (population 12,000) and flew out around 1:30 the next day. it was mildly inconvenient....especially since we had to take all our checked luggage off and then back on the plane. but, i cant complain, seeing how 36 or 38 planes were grounded in gander on 9/11. the town got 6,000 unscheduled guests on one day. i didnt see it, but i was told that there was a book in the airport giftshop about the incident called "when the world came to gander". pretty crazy.

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