12 December, 2007

More Fun

Packing is going easier than I expected and in order to avoid jetlag I must stay up the entire night before my 7AM flight. So, I will blog more!

These are my top reccomendations (not in any order) for those studying here next semester:

1.) DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EAT ON THE RAMBLAS. I have the scars to prove it, my meal wasn't quite worth 30 euros!!

2.) Catalonia is not Spain.....nor is it beer country! Estrella is the worst beer you will ever have (unless you like bitter aftertaste), and San Miguel isn't too hot either. Your best bet for local brew is Voll Damm, but it will cost a bit more and you won't find it in draught at any bars/restaurants.

4.) You know that list you've been making over the summer, about what weekend trips you want to make? Throw it away, you're not going to have the time. Besides, the independent travel (and the days after classes end should you choose to travel during that period) is plenty of Europe seeing and all that your bank account can handle.

5.) Charter and other supermarkets are your best bet for food, RAIMA and Servei Estacio for supplies. Doner Kebap / A La Turka, Chinese place nearby, Casa Sergi, Pans, Bocatta, and best of all the Sushi buffet on Via Laetana are your best bet for cheap eats, all ranging from 6-8 euros total. Look for menus del dia!

6.) Say no to hachis!!!

7.) You don't actually need to know any Catalan. Like, at all. But if you know what's good for you, learn some Spanish!

8.) The old security guard hates you, no matter what.

9.) Communication with your studio teacher will be difficult: be sure to remind him constantly that you do not attend Texas A&M university.

10.) Lastly (and I mean this very sincerely) do not be intimidated by Barcelona's metro system! It is an excellent subway and a great means of getting to all of the spots in the city. Yes, European cities are very walkable but it's not worth it walking 1 1/2 hours to Parc Guell! Get a T-10 card as soon as you get here, and use it to get to all the sights. Do as much as you can in Barcelona your first few weeks because the free time doesn't last long!!!!

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