10 December, 2007

last project, hurray!

For my final assignment I plan to convey the totality of my experience on my study travel through the medium of film. The cities I visited and studied include Dublin and Cork in Ireland, and Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam in Holland. I plan to observe the similarities and differences between each city’s architecture, densities, movement through the city, and the over all mood conveyed by the city.

It was interesting to see how pieces of architecture influenced and played a part in the surrounding city. In Amsterdam there were some film exhibitions and museums that influenced my decisions in certain parts of my video. I hope to be able to share with others the overall feelings I got for the cities I visited, and I hope that this will be shown through the contemporary and historic architectural elements in the city.

Movement was another important aspect that could be best displayed through film. I believe one’s movement through a city is also characterized by amount (lack or abundance) or light. Buildings, city planning, and public spaces can affect the amount of light at any given time. Movement through a city fabric can be affected by this accordingly. Lighting for me affects many things in my life. Lighting can set a mood, alter a view, or change completely our expectations for something. This is why I feel that film is a great way to portray the impact of certain architectural influences that compose each city. This may change from city to city considering different natural lighting and different lighting conditions affected by a city’s density. I planned to make observation on how new elements within older cities influenced this.

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