10 December, 2007

Seeing EUROPE through the soles of my SHOES

As many people know, I great obsession with shoes. I love shoes and I go in every shoe store I come across. For my final ARCH 416 project, I thought about making the project more personal and adding in the concentration of my great obsession. Then I was deciding how I was going to correlate this theme with architecture during my journey. I have always found an interest in the great concept of form follows function. Since we learned it on the first day of architecture, I have thought about that concept with the majority of buildings I have studied. I always ask myself why the architect did what they did. So relating this to shoes, I thought about how shoes also follow this concept of form follows function. Obviously you wouldn’t buy high heels to run in. You buy a type of shoe depending on what you are going to be doing while wearing them. So during my journey through Dublin, Brussels, and Amsterdam, I studied certain buildings on my list and considered the concept of form follows function. For my final project, I made a book that starts off with an analysis of some of the shoes I encountered on my trip (and wore myself). Then the book goes into detail on some of the buildings I studied along the way. I closely examined what purpose each part of the building serves, while also stopping to look at some shoe shops along the way.

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