04 November, 2007

ALHAMBRA.a journey of patterns

During our study travel south of Spain, we stayed one night in Granada. Granada was one of my favorite places on this study travel. While in Granada, we visited the Alhambra, Generalife. The Alhambra was an amazing complex that included many components, which resulted in a journey that lasted the majority of the day. As you journey through the Alhambra, you begin to notice a vast amount of repetition. This repetition can be seen with the continuation of arch ways, series of columns, and mainly through patterns on the walls. These patterns and tile designs are seen throughout the entire Alhambra. You can also notice that the majority of colorings on these patterns has remained intact, if located at the top of the wall or on the ceiling. With the location this high, this enables people to touch the actual patterns. Most of the patterning is meant to symbolize something in the past. The different patterns and small attention to detail kept my attention while I journeyed through the Alhambra.

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