05 November, 2007

plight of a container?

Our studio project has once again come back to the question of whether or not to use the container. For the longest time we have been pushing it off and trying to think outside the box. But maybe the answer was inside the box all this time? All the time wasted on thinking up alternative modular units was wasted because we wouldn't give in and accept the container as it was. After Mondays review of the project's skin and Tuesdays studio review, it was concluded that the container would be the only structural element used for the housing in our project. After contemplating this afterwards, I think our whole group finally realize how much we had over thought the housing units. The container became a simple solution to all our problems as well as the questions concerning the skin of our building. We could still keep our idea of unitized skin, but have a more tangible way to describe their cohesion to the unit.

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