21 November, 2007

the Silodam

After taking the mandatory pictures outside, some crafty sneaking allowed some indoor ones as well. It turns out that the hallways are color coded, mostly a bright snot green (as you can see at the end of the hall in the first picture) from carpet to wall to ceiling. Even the doors. The 8th and 9th floors were in sky blue and fire engine red, while the first two floors were grey. The condos inside were fabulous, with hardwood floors and huge windows overlooking the harbour in both directions.
The part that interested me the most about this building was it's interaction with the water. In the central hall, there are gaps so that you can look down and see the water and the docks below, where some residents parked their boats. In the front of the building, the apartments' front doors open onto walkways suspended over the water. From the top floors, looking out, it seemed like the building was just floating.

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