24 November, 2007

why we missed thanksgiving

Two of my favorite bands happened to be playing back to back this week at the Apollo behind RESA. Unfortunately one coincided with Thanksgiving dinner. It was nice being at the dinner for the first hour, and then Dylan and I sprinted to the venue. Both Dylan and I were pumped to see Devendra live for the first time. Being very excited, we were jumping around and singing along, however the others at the concert seemed a little less enthused. Dylan kept getting elbowed by neighboring people who didn't want us dancing. I was disappointed by the crowds' excitement, but i think Dylan and I made up for everyone else's lacking. Cocorosie the next night luckily attracted a more lively crowd, but not by much. It made me wonder if it was just a Spanish thing? I would have thought the fact that Devendra spoke Spanish the entire time would have pumped the crowd a little more. They did get a little excited when the band decide to ask the crowd if there were any young local musicians out there. One guy came forward and Devendra gave him his guitar and then retreated to the drums. Interesting crowd pleasing tactic. Over all it was exciting to see some live music. Maybe one day I'll be a musician. That would be most excellent.

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