09 November, 2007

Slacklines in the Park

On one beautiful Saturday a group of us, including Professor Hecker and Professor Skinner, decided to go to the park. We spent dawn listening to one another play instruments. As we were playing these instruments and enjoying our day in the park, these people come by and set up these ropes that reach from one tree to another. They looked like ratchet straps. After they secured five or six in between trees very tightly, people began to get up on these straps and walk across them. They would jump from one to another and it was awesome to watch. All of us really wanted to try it, so Professor Skinner and I finally got up the courage to ask them if we could try. They were really nice and they were more than happy to show us how to do it. It was a lot harder than it looked. Having my background in gymnastics and walking on the balance beam, I thought it would be a little easier, but it wasn't. It was really fun to try though. By the end of the night, everyone was up on the straps trying to make it from one side to another. Through the night we were getting braver and braver on them and trying different things. We had a laughs, some falls, and some bumps and bruises. But we also had an unforgettable evening.

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