04 November, 2007

Yes, this is what we watch in studio

Why do I like the Spice Girls? Maybe it's a throwback to my adolescent years. Maybe it's the clear delegation of personality traits--"scary", "baby", "posh", etc. and the corresponding outfit choices. Maybe it's just the overuse of Spandex. Who knows.

Well, the girls are back in their video for the awful, awful song Headlines (Friendship Never Ends). No, I don't know why there is a second title in parentheses. Especially when the five ladies (or, really, four; God knows Posh has stretched her face and tanned her skin into tranny alien oblivion) never actually say those three words, though I guess it might be implied by their group ideology or possibly a reference to the lyrics of Wannabe.

Things to watch out for:
  • The fact that Baby is only visible behind a piano because she just had (ironically) a baby
  • Posh's lesbionic stroking of Ginger's hair (especially the second time, she gets rough)
  • Sporty's Exorcist-esque head twist about 3/4 of the way through
  • Scary rolling around on a rug
  • How Posh never gets a solo and even sometimes can't lip synch
  • Tranny Alien Posh is S&M corset
  • Posh stroking her own hair/face as a substitute for actual body movement or dancing
Go. Watch. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcAlA4iY_kY

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