09 November, 2007

La Mezquita de Corboda

During our day trip to Cordoba, we visited La Mezquita. La Mesquita was an amazing mosque that remains, in large part, intact. There is also a cathedral inside the mosque. In this building, there are rows and rows of arcades. This gives the condition of a spatial field. The feeling that there is no beginning and no end. It gives a concept of space with patterns. Space is infinite and endless. We also learned that all the columns in the mosque were old Roman columns that the Muslims took during this time. That is why every columns is noticeable different. Drawing and sketching this area was difficult at times. It was hard to show the infinite amount of columns in an accurate way. Professor Skinner and Professor Hecker explained to us this type of grid system. A grid system that we can use when we sketch. So we learned how to sketch with a grid to better align the columns up, along with the other components of the picture. It is very difficult but something I would like to improve on.

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