04 November, 2007

Halloween in Barcelona

Seeing as Halloween is one of my favorite holidays during the year, I was kinda upset when I found out that we would be in Spain and they really don't celebrate Halloween here. We found out that they do celebrate Halloween here, just not to the extent that we do in the United States. So all of us decided to dress up and go out for Halloween. The hardest part was that we had to dress up with the clothes we had, rather than go out and buy a costume. I was very impressed what everyone came up with for their costumes. We had a couple cats, a flight attendant from the 60's, a jungle women, a nerd, an Avril Lavigne, a Lydia from beetle juice, a punk rocker, a Nanny, a Beatle, and much more. It was a very creative night and I was very proud of ourselves. I will never forget my one Halloween celebration that took place in Barcelona, Spain.

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