25 November, 2007

another visit to nou barris and another falling maria

so yesterday maria and i went to our parc for our project for Kathrin. We packed a picnic lunch and headed into our park looking for people to interview to get some personal feedback about parc central de nou barris. we got a couple of interviews and on our way out we spotted some younger looking guys playing with their dogs. we needed to get over there fast before they left but we were up on this ledge and there were no stairs around. to get to the level they were on we had to cross an obstacle of a tiled sloping surface. i was able to make it down no problem. i was waiting on maria to follow my lead, but i thought about it and i new this had to be filmed. lucky for me i know maria and i knew that something was going to happen and....just watch the video its pretty self explanatory. and then i saw this grafitti that needed to have its photo taken. recognize this guy?

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