23 November, 2007

This 120 meter spire is not only the tallest object in the city of Dublin, but also provided us with direction on how to get back to our hostel. I had always wondered what the spire symbolized, and finally looked it up when we got back. It was designed to replace the Nelson's Pillar which was blown up in 1966, and was meant to be a statement for the city of Dublin. Talking recently about the function of public art and the success of it in a public space, I feel that this spire is very successful. Not only is it low maintenance, but it provides a type of beacon seen from all over the city. The architect statement also stated that one of the goals was to reflect the movement of humanity both literally and figuratively. I think they were successful.

"The monument should be accompanied by abstract figures in black Kilkenny marble, embellished by stainless steel, as in the folds of a cloak, the bend of a knee doubling as a seat, or just the shiver of a glance. To draw and grow from the mercury and black marble base, shaping in an abstract from, but form with a human spirit."
Ian Richie Architects

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