10 November, 2007

An Endless City

Prague is now officially the most unique place I have ever been in. No, unique is such a dead word to describe Prague. It's like taking some kind of fairy-tale castle town, elevating it in vertical scale, make it really cold, and make the streets really wide and filling it with lots of beer. In the center of town where there there are lots of people (really the only touristy part of Prague), they are surprisingly quiet compared to the entire city of Barcelona. It's like the giant surrounding buildings (there are many, new and old) and the cobblestone streets have some kind of effect on the people and their attitudes

And you truly haven't experienced the city of Prague until you have gotten LOST. Prague's streets are winding and endless. It doesn't matter which road you walk down, you will eventually end up in one of the creepiest places you have ever been in....creepy but in a way really cool. Very little have I ever thought about the people that live in this part of the world and now I am peeking into their daily lives, wondering what their upbringing was like under communism/soviet influence, wondering how they deal with this freezing weather (I'm surprised I've gotten used to it so quickly!). Of course we have only been here two days and there is still so much more to see, but that's Prague in a nutshell.

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