30 November, 2007

A Walking Roller Coaster

During our study travel in Amsterdam, we heard about this bridge called the Python Bridge. After hearing about it, we were determined to find it. The one day we set out to find it, we did not succeed. We walked for 2 hours but it turns out we just didn't walk far enough in the right direction. The next day we set out for a second try. We finally found it. It was about an hour walk from our hostel but it was worth it. The bridge was like something I have never seen before. The bridge connects Sporenburg to Borneo Island. It was made out of steel and looks like a large snake across the water. The way it was built was suppose to make you feel like you were on a roller coaster. They definitely succeeded. After doing some research, I found out that it won the International Footbridge Award in 2002.

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