30 November, 2007

Sid Barratt in Nou Barris

Last week, Whit and I made a journey to Nou Barris to study our park for our project in ARCH 412. While studying Parc Central de Nou Barris, we realized that the majority of activities that were going on seemed to be dog walking. It was really fun to see all the cute dogs and it made me really miss my dog. While we were at the park, we needed to interview a few people and get their opinion on the impact of the park on the community. Two out of the three people we interviewed were walking their dogs. The last gentleman we interviewed had this adorable dog. He had been coming to the park for four months cause that is how long he has had his dog. It was the most uncoordinated dog I have ever seen. It would try and chase come other dogs and end up tripping over its feet and falling to its face. At the end of the interview, we proceeded to ask the owner what the name of the dog was. He explained that the dogs name was Sid Barrat. Whit and I found that extremely funny. Now we can safely say that we saw Sid Barrat in Parc Central de Nou Barris.

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