15 November, 2007

two cities down, one to go, and madison and rosalyn are still alive

so tonight wraps up our (rosalyn, madison and i) last night in prague. we were previously in amsterdam for 4 days and here for 3. the weather has been a bit much. (off and on rain all day every day in amsterdam, sleet if we were really lucky, as well as off and on snow in prague.) amsterdam was very charming. it felt like a little christmas village. we saw the anne frank house, van gogh museum, the new housing projects, coffeeshops, and the hard rock cafe. i am not even ashamed. the free refills and chicken fingers were amazing. we were also lucky enough to find an american grocery store and we got a surprise for thanksgiving. when we landed in prague it was snowing harder than any of us had ever seen. our hostel is amazing. we have a balcony that overlooks the river. unfortunately it is too cold to take full advantage. yesterday we walked about an hour in the snow just to see the vila mueller. prague castle was a bust. the wax baby jesus church gave all of us a good laugh. the baby jesus was a gift to prague from spain. he has about 70 different outfits, including his petticoat underwear, that are changed pretty regularly. it was creepy. the statue wasn't as funny as we had hoped. it looked like every other religious statue, just a bit shorter. today rosalyn and i had quite an experience at the prague train station. i think i can safely say that it is probably the most disgusting, unorganized, horrible station in the world. when we approached the abandoned looking station, the only apparent entrance appeared to be crossing a 6 lane highway. upon closer inspection (and after passing the abadoned kiosks that have apparently become a homeless refuge) we realized we had to descend through a rather sketchy, decrepit tunnel. entering the station didn't appear any more hopeful. the station must be where all the homeless people as well as all the pigeons in prague escape the harsh weather. bottom line, i don't think either of us have felt more uncomfortable anywhere in europe as we did in this 'station'. the whole purpose of this visit was not in vain(ish) we traveled about an hour outside of prague to kutna hora to visit an ossuary decorated with bones from over 40,000 people. it was creepy, yet somewhat beautiful. the currency in prague has taken a bit of getting used to. for the first and probably only time in my life, i have had a 1000 bill in my hand. while it seems nice, it really is only about 40 euros. food seems to come out a lot cheaper using the crowns, but it is rather funny when dinner costs over 900. tomorrow morning we are taking a train to budapest. luckily we are departing from a different train station and hoping for the best.

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