04 November, 2007

TORRE AGBAR.under the skin

Ever wonder what is under Torre Agbar's skin? As a class,we went to go visit Torre Agbar here in Barcelona, Spain. I have heard about Torre Agbar, but never seen it in person. We went to see it towards dawn to see it light up, but sadly, it never lit up. The most interesting part I found about Torre Agbar was the two separate skins. Arriving at the site of Torre Agbar, my goal was to find out what was under the skin and see how the skin operated. Through my series of pictures, you can see my approach towards the building and success in getting under the skin through the open louvers. Once I got under the skin, I was able to photograph the machines and hinges that enable the louvers to move according to the temperature and weather. This gives Torre Agbar a living, breathing skin.

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