21 November, 2007

Fun Firenze!

My fabulous birthday dinner (homemade pasta with a pear base filling = amazing!). Birth of Venus ... on a porta potty by the Uffizi. David looking studly in the sun


I much preferred Florence to Venice. When its cold and you don't want to go outside, it's hard to enjoy a city based on canals and.. oh the outside. And 4.50 euro for a latte is ridiculous. Favorite things from this trip: 1.seeing my Mom 2. San Miniato del Monte in Florence (first church I felt compelled to pray at, didn't feel touristy). 3.Birthday dinner 4. Hostel Archi Rossi in Florence. I'm not sure you can call it a hostel when it has a computer, tv, private bathroom, room service, heck, bidet and complimentary breakfast. OH

AND At Archi Rossi, I just lovvved how (you're allowed to write on many of hte walls there) on the column by the check in desk, very very visibly there is a big orange CLEMSON paw :-) with Clemson written beside it. That made me happy. Archi Rossi was the homiest hostel I've stayed at and that says a lot given the great places we've had (minus London for those who went!). We also had a view of the Duomo!

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