17 November, 2007

Ireland and such

So I can´t put any photos up yet, because I don´t have my computer. So far I have been to Dublin and Cork, Ireland, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Netherlands. This is my last night in Rotterdam before leave for Amsterdam again, then back to Barcelona. Dublin was amazing! The people in Ireland are the nicest people you will ever meet. The second you pull out a map, someone is there to tell you where to go. Everyone is so polite and eager to help you out. A few of us stayed at Isaac´s Hostel right by the bus station. I advise you, if you decide to stay in Dublin, go to Isaac´s. They have the nicest reception. You will meet people from all over, its is the most cozy atmosphere. people are always going out and inviting you to join, but if you are tired after a long day of traveling, there is a TV room in the basement with a bunch of incredibly comfortable couches.
I would have to say my favorite part of Dublin was Trinity College. It is probably one of the coolest universities I have seen, outside of Clemson of course :) There was all the old architecture complimented by beautiful grass fields. The student are so nice and fun there. I definitely want to look into a grad program there.
So thats a tid bit of stuff so far. I´m saving all the good stuff for later so I can post pictures and videos along with it.

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