05 November, 2007

andora aka passport renewal?

Along with the stress of studio and planning study travel itineraries, there was the lurking threat of being deported. A couple of us ( nine) planned a spontaneous of sorts trip to the country of Andora to see if we could some how all get our passports re-stamped. The 3 hour bus ride was completely worth the money, and Will finally got us to the trail that Matt and Frank had taken a couple weeks before. We had missed a couple buses en route so we didn't get to the base of the trail until 4pm. This meant it was very near dusk even before we hit the trail. It got pretty dark after an hour of uphill hiking, and after many dark, treacherous, rocky, unstable slopes, a couple people in our group were ready to sleep in the horse stables. We kept at it and eventually saw a small light in the distance showing our destination. A French couple had already set up a nice little fire and dinner in the cabin when all 9 of us stumbled in. They were very pleasant and we all felt a little guilty for interrupting their romantic getaway. After cooking makeshift dinners and marveling at the stars, everyone got to share one the metal slabs called beds. The worst sleep ever resulted in me getting up at 6am to watch the sunrise at 8am from a ridge with a beautiful view. Later that day, Whit, Maria, Will, and I decide to explore the mountains by making our own path over one of the surrounding ridges. I should have known to stay behind considering my fear of heights, but I didn't. Only after getting halfway up and looking down, I was convinced one of us was sure to fall to our deaths. After much coaxing from the others, I made it to the top, and it was well worth it. We didn't die so that was awesome. An excellent weekend excursion to clear ones mind. However, we did discover on this trip that there was no possible way to renew a tourist visa for the remainder of our stay.

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