04 November, 2007

Torre Agbar

After arriving at the Torre Agbar, I noticed that photographing it was not as easy as one would think. I was frustrated and thought that my camera was having trouble focusing, until we were told that the patterned effect on the tower is designed to create this sort of effect. Towards the bottom of the tower, the palette tends towards reds and oranges, while the top contains greys and very pale blues. The effect is very subtle, and is most easily seen if you view pictures from different times of day or conditions. The second picture was taken about an hour after the first, and as you can see, the effect is much more pronounced. The same effect occurs towards the sides because of light hitting the louvers. It just goes to show the level of depth that the louvered skin gives to the design of the Torre Agbar. It has the differentiated color effect, the vanishing effect, and saves energy to boot.

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