21 November, 2007

schouwburgplein, Rotterdam

One of the few things I explored in Rotterdam was this plaza. There was a large movie theater offset that reminded me of the Kursaal in Sans Sebastian. Whit had found this plaza the night before and told us how you could move these large cranes around at the push of a button. However, of course when we got there, there was no activity upon pressing the buttons. It still was a very neat plaza by night. Very nicely illuminated by colorful lights. The only thing I found strange was that the projection on the wall of the theater came from a portable projector that was guarded by a cold looking man at the very edge of the square. I think they should invest in a more permanent alternative so some poor guy doesn't have that job. We also discovered the ranging materials used for the floor of the plaza. They created an awareness of the different noises in which your feet could make when in contact with different materials. There were three different types of perforated metal. One with elliptical holes and the other two round but one protruded while the other was punched inward. Then there were different wood elements. Danni, Whit and I had fun making noise across the square.

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