15 November, 2007


So far the study travel has been great. Virginia, Will, Hunter and I have been traveling together and it has been a great experience. Dublin was our first stop and my favorite so far. It was really fun in Dublin cause we ran into Dannielle, Hali and Dave. We all stayed in the same hostel and traveled through the city together. Everyone there spoke English (with an Irish accent of course). It was quite a change to hear English for once...seeing as we haven't heard it that regular in about three months. Similar to what Whit explained, it also got dark there really soon. So our site seeing started very early and we raced daylight the entire day. The first day in Dublin, Virginia and I took a tour bus. It was probably the best decision we could have made. Not only did we learn our way through the city but we also learned a lot of history about certain buildings. We needed to take that bus with the guided tour seeing as we didn't have our Professor Hecker tour guide with us. While I was in Dublin, I visited the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the oldest cathedral in Dublin, the Dublin Castle and much more. The Dublin Castle was my favorite. I got tons of pictures that I will post as soon as I get back home to Barcelona. We have just completed our three days in Brussels, which was amazing as well. We are now about to catch our train to Amsterdam, so sadly I have to wrap this blog up. As soon as I get computer access, I will continue to inform you of my travels. I hope everyone else is having a safe and fun journey.

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