25 November, 2007


in the fair, almost deserted town of sant sadurni d'anoia outside of barcelona lies the cordoniu winery offering extremely impressive tours and cava tasting for only 2 euros. the town itself seems to revolve around the making of this bubbly delight with many other wineries of distinction. cordoniu, however, offers the most. the tour consisted of a 10 minute movie(interesting, but yawn), a tour of part of the grounds perched high on the hill(beautiful), a walking tour of the vast interior winery including information about production and other tidbits(enthralling), and last but not least...a "train" ride through the veritable catacombs of cava. another treat is saved for the last leg of the journey, a complimentary glass of their cava brut...of which i inevitably bought an insanely large bottle. i definitely recommend it as a getaway for a day(or a few hours) or if you want to school yourself on alcohol. A+.

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