30 November, 2007

Enjoying Barcelona

Last week, the class went on a walk through the city of Barcelona. It was really fun cause we got to see and talk about some pieces of artwork throughout the city. Sadly, we live in Barcelona but we rarely have time to go out and enjoy the city. So it is really fun and interesting when we go on these class walks with our professors and learn about the city. This class walk ended at the beach, therefore, the majority of us stayed there and just enjoyed the beach for a few hours afterwards. We just sat on this sculpture and looked out at the Mediterranean Sea. It was so peaceful and relaxing. It felt really good to see the water again, seeing as I'm from Charleston and I love the water. Sitting there and looking out at the sea made me realized how much I wanted to stay in Barcelona my last week here and just enjoy it even more. All of us get done with our finals then we fly out about a week after that. Some people are contemplating on traveling or staying in Barcelona. That day, I made my decision to stay in Barcelona. I can't wait to see the city even more and tell people of the wonderful place I lived for four months.

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