27 February, 2008

the art of cooking

So when I came first to Barcelona I realized that there was no microwave. In America all my meals especially during weekdays relied on the microwave in some way shape or form. And to cook here has been hard especially since me and Puja are vegetarians’ things have been more difficult. The stoves at Resa (especially in our room) don’t like to stay on and if they run together they like to flip off and cut the electricity to our room, NOT FUN. Also to make any meal it takes at least ½ hour with the stove it is very slow. But I am still greatful to have it. I don’t think I could’ve survive here w/o a stove. today me and puja decided to take a break from work and we decided to make pizza. this was the first time both of us used a stove to make pizza and it turned out good. it was great!

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