27 February, 2008

Sleep? That's as handy as skiing and doing your taxes when you have to produce +400%

I think I am seriously on my 23rd wind. I have been awake for almost 48 hours and I feel absolutely no need to go to bed right now. After spending 23 hours in the studio Monday, minus class time and lunch time, I am damn tired of seeing the studio, smelling the studio, using the toilets in the studio, and climbing up and down the rickity stairs of the studio. And I'm pretty sure half of us have short fuses with other people in the studio with our malnutrition, lack of sleep and pretty much living with one another in a confined area... easy killers. And I'm also pretty sure, in my lack of sleep, that we all put in at least 400% to our datascapes, research, and analysis maps (unlike A&M), while a certain someone felt the need to only put in 50% with Clemson University. Ever feel like we are a moving target and the Spanish studio mafia is out to get us? For example, when we got in trouble for having our second invisible dance party in the studio... you know, the ONLY night A&M kids have ever been to the studio, and no one even mentioned the loudness to them???

Ok, enough ranting and raving. On a lighter note, during the end of my 17th wind today, Matt and I were downloading Photoshop onto my computer (which, by the way, hates me) and we had to restart my computer... My login password has been the same for years, and the particular word I use has been in my life for 8 years... and I can't login. Wrong password. This goes on for an hour, so I walk away from the computer, panicking about how I am going to finish my work for Wednesday. Mad panic. I email Doug. I email the 'rents. I email someone I pretty much promised I'd talk to later on that night, and I am not happy. I get done emailing from Matt's computer and get this brilliant idea to try one more time to login. Magically it works. I just can't spell my own password. It's okay. And then, later on, f inishing up some other work, we totally get locked in studio and have to phone Hecker. What are the chances?!

And, I totally woke up with this blog open, computer in lap, in my bed, about 2/3 of the way through class this morning. 23 winds must be all I 've got this week. Off to the Netherlands!

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