27 February, 2008

Hybrids and Josh

So let’s talk about this hybrid project first: Thinking about focusing on the section of a building rather than from plan view is a really interesting way to see and design better spatial zones. When looking at the floor plates I begin to envision them as ribs. Today I looked at how the ribbing acted when extended past the wall barrier and also when they’re retracted in, making atrium spaces.
Topic 2 possible car package items: I really have been missing some reese cups ever since Bret gave some to Dulce. So I’m saying like a bag of those at least. Next, Taco Bell hot sauce packets!!! Mild, hot, and fire and 10 of each. You can easily provide the perfect compliment to any tasty treat. Some mack&cheese would be amazing seeing how we can only cook on 2 stove tops. But they don’t have any here so I’ve been thinking about cheesy goodness.
Topic 3 The weather in the Netherlands. Windy and light rain showers.
Topic 4 How BA does Josh look in this picture? Those thumbs in his pocket like that. Do you hear cover of El anyone.

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