22 February, 2008

Tunneling: A new form of Rock Climbing

After being at Barcelona for a week or two, Brett OBrien found a really neat rock climbing gym that a couple of us bought one month memberships to.  The rock climbing gym, CLIMBAT was really neat, but the price keep me from paying a 3 month membership.  I was talking with Jeremy a graduate student from Texas A&M and he recommend and invited me along to this public rock climbing area up and around the corner on Montjuic.   Last friday I went with Jeremy and Christina from Texas A&M up to Montjuic to check it out.  There were a good number of people rock climbing, Tunneling (bouldering) and learning how to climb.  The place consist mainly of a road above with a tunnel underneath connecting two different athletic areas with rock cliffs on both sides of the road.  Some areas of the cliffs have been sprayed with Shot-Cret to stabilize them I am guessing.   This is an area that I will definitely have to take advantage of again, since it is free fun in BCN.   Barcelona does a great job in providing something for every interest.

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