23 February, 2008

This should be a clever title summarizing how I missed my flight to Zurich

So, two all nighters in a rows, tuesday and wednsday night. the all nighter wednsday night was necessary to finish datacards so I could make my flight to Zurich on Thursday afternoon. Seven are done at 8 AM Wednsday morning. I need a nap. I head back to RESA and throw in some laundry that hasn't been done since travel study. Wake up late and rush to studio forgetting to switch laundry to the dryer. Dang. Get to studio, and finish with group discussion. Begin working on final datacard. Completed at 1:30. Flight is at 4:10. Plenty of time, Oh wait, forgot to put laundry in dryer. Awesome. Laundry goes into dryer at 2:00. Go to room to save Illustrator files as PDFs. Computer keeps crashing because illustrator files are huge (my camera pictures are set on the highest quality, I am an idiot). I need more RAM/new computer. PDF's are finally saved. Transfer files to Harry's jumpdrive. Clothes are packed, and I am out of the door at 3. Make the 325 train to the airport at the Sants Estacio. Transfer to bus at the airport. Walk in front door. Phone rings. Cromer: "hey man, we just started taxiing." Me: "......" better not insert some of the words I may or may not have said. So I am still in Barcelona. And i forgot to blog.

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