23 February, 2008

harder. better. faster. stronger.

in relation to data cards, i need to learn to adapt all these things. i thought i was starting to learn how to work smarter last semester, but apparently winter break kicked that out of me, and i'm back to the beginning. it takes me so long to come up with a concept i really like, which is why i put off doing things for so long - that whole time i'm brainstorming. honestly, it sounds stupid, but for this new data card approach, i was eating, sleeping, and breathing new ideas, i just never liked them enough. i was trying to do something symbolic that was a record of how my time was being spent, because i really like that my data cards will be something i can show people after this semester, and i can use as a reminder of all the places i've been, things i've seen, awkward hobo encounters, etc. so, of course, i'm trying to fall asleep and can't stop thinking about data cards and work. so, around 02:45, i leap out of bed and find my sketch book to scribble down an idea i know i won't remember in the morning. turns out, even in my semi-incoherant state, the idea worked and i implemented it into my new data card design! v. exciting. working all night and not completely finishing them was a bit of a bummer, but i'm still working on them, and know i'll have more chances to edit, etc. this just might be the first thing i've produced in a long time i am pretty genuinely proud of. :) sappy, but true.

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