27 February, 2008

craving a home cooked meal

My family is all about the food. We love to cook or find a new good restaurant. And I love it. I have a huge list of favorite meals that my mom and dad cook. And two distinct best meals of my life out to eat with my parents. It’s weeks like this past one that make me realize how much I miss that. I am longing for one of my favorite family meals. My dad’s salmon, or tuna, steak, massive pork chops cooked on a tiny grill at a Panther’s tailgate. My mom’s chicken and vegetable stew type thing, pot roast, homemade mashed potatoes. And appetizers… I miss appetizers. This week was a lot of quick-grab meals. Grilled cheese on the stove in the room, with or without turkey, pb&j, maybe some soup, mcdonalds, or a falafel pita, microwave food from nostrum, a coke and some chips from the supermarket. A few times I even forgot to eat, or just didn’t really have time. That’s what happens when the work piles up. Eighteen hours a day at the computer, walking away to eat something quick, then right back. I would love to sit down to a hot, home-cooked meal. The closest I’ve come recently was when a few of us decided we were stressed, tired, and it was time for a good meal. So we went to a place not too far from studio called Sukur. It was a nice place, cool ambiance, and good food. We split an awesome appetizer of warm pita with a mix plate of different Greek spreads, ordered drinks, and I got mushroom risotto. It reminded me a little of home, and was definitely the food highlight of the week. But it cost us. I don’t even like to think about it. That meal alone was probably more than all the combined quick-grabs the rest of the week. That made me miss home cooking even more. Where I could have gotten the same quality meal, not forked over my life savings at the end, and then rolled right upstairs full and content to throw on some sweat pants and watch a movie. Tough life.

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