27 February, 2008

Barcelona Port Authority

The site for our project is on the northeast side of the Barcelona Port Authority which is close to Mare Magnum (mall) and La Rambla. The port is quite segregated from the city, which I do not really appreciate. I have discovered that the port is continuing its southwestern march, and I am wondering if the city is planning to have the port be completely visually separated from the touristic areas. Montjuic plays it role in this because its massiveness blocks most of the port when looking at it from say the Columbus statue. I appreciated the sight of it from a distance as I went to the mall for the first time because there is something aesthetically pleasing to me about industrial design and the idea of a mechanized area where there is a constant movement and distribution of imports and exports. I hope to utilize my favoritism of industrial design in a proactive way when designing the project. The port is a major contributor to Barcelona's economy, and it needs to be better approached as far as its publicity and integration within the city's environment.

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