27 February, 2008

"ima come at you like red rover"

Last Saturday Johanna and I finally ventured out to the montjuic fountains to see the light show, and it definitely lived up to expectations. Everybody loves water for the most part, I know I do. Growing up on a lake, there is something about being near a body of water however large or small that I find comforting, peaceful, and relaxing. I could have sat and just watched this relatively simple combination of water, light, and music for hours. And I was not the only one. The plaza was packed out with locals and tourists alike, as I imagine it is for every single show. The transition of fountains across the multi-level plaza makes an incredible public space. It is really unlike any other area of Barcelona that I have encountered thus far, and the reason it works and is such as attraction…. water. Even when it’s not part of the light show, the area is still a public attraction and a beautiful space. Our studio project is situated on the water, it is surrounded by water. There is the opportunity to incorporate the water into our project in so many different and exciting ways, and I feel like we have yet to really explore those potentials. I guess it is still relatively early in the design phase. We are getting there, but have spent the majority of the time pooling research to help form our decisions. So as we move on to the next step and a more intense design phase I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities of our first waterfront project.

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