26 February, 2008

Time Management....

SO, I just walked back from studio...it was almost 7 am...Our first review for Juan Carlos is tomorrow/ today in less than 4 hours.
If there is anything that architecture taught me, I would say its time management most of all. I came back, took the dirty clothes, put them in the washer, went back to my room, put some potatoes on the oven to boil, at the mean time, took a shower. And hopefully between now and 11 am, I would have worked and finished 2 data cards so I would take the chance and actually SLEEP for a change after we come back from Juan Carlos' review.
so I guess in these 4 hours I have, I should manage my time pretty well and get the most out of it... ohhh add to the list, I got one post on the blog accomplished ;)

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