16 February, 2008

Last but not least :)

So yes...I am the last person to post their fourth blog. Unfortunately this means people might actually read this post which sucks because Im not so sure how I feel about this blog thing yet. Anyways, tonight I spent the evening babysitting Sophia with Johanna and Shannon. It was pretty sweet...we played with photobooth on the mac and then a Wii which I had never used before. All in all, it was a good time for all :) It really made me realize how much I missed interacting with people not the same age as me. I love kids and just getting to be a kid and play around for the evening was pretty awesome. I was a camp counselor the last two summers and, due to the need of actual experience of doing something having to do with my major, Im getting an intership this summer and wont be going back to camp for the first time since I got to Clemson. There is nothing quite like being completely surrounded by 7-11 years olds all day every day for almost 3 months, especially when they're crazy like the ones in this picture. Kids are great, they have brutal honesty and just say things the way they think them. Its refreshing...maybe we all should try it sometime...then again...maybe not. For that to fly, maybe you really do have to be in elementary school. Who knows... I guess thats all for now...too much thinking and analyzing...maybe Ill get better at this blog business by next week...I hope.

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