26 February, 2008

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.....do i need one of these.....late night in studio and the longest title yet i think

Joey has just offered for anybody that wants to, to shower with him. It must be late. I am exhausted. It must be a review tomor....i mean today. We are close, and all afraid to go to sleep. "Everyone, Group save now." Just helping out all those other sleep deprived "in my opinion we are four" architects. I think we are all giving 100%, but our quota was 4,675,304%. We're a little off. Have I mentioned I am somewhat sleep deprived? I need a new Nestea and some salt and vinegar pringles. Will my steel research be right, or any of our presentation for that matter? I should have been a business major, studying abroad in Australia with the kiwis, with 12 hours of school and no worries in the world. I have just recieved a new email, hopefully it beholds no more bad news. Two datacards and two more hybrid sections. Netherlands here I come for some much needed relaxation....if i make it. I wonder if the beer vendors are still out. Can I ramble much more?

WELCOME TO MY MIND AT 5:50 IN THE MORNING. No recuerdo que es dormir. Am I even in Spain?

Good luck to my fellow architects. I want to shred the NTLNDS.

A little bit of fun we had this weekend. The band makes me smile.

Not so much Love and Architecture

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