16 February, 2008

Life in a big city

I've never lived in a big city before this semester and I really had no clue what to expect. It has turned out to completely different than I ever would have thought. I had all sorts of preconceived notions about what a big city lifestyle would entail and most of my assumptions were wrong...not entirely surprising. I never imagined that living in a place that completely surrounds and immerses me in all types of architecture would affect me quite so much. From places like Park Guell to Parc de Diagonal Mar, places like this just get me thinking. Thinking about things that I've never really bothered to think about. It has been a really great experience thus far. I feel like cities like this just inspire people to be more creative because there is so much more around them. Clemson is wonderful, dont get me wrong. Its just the atmosphere here is so different from anything Ive ever experienced before. I think that wherever I end up in life, whether that path involves architecture, some sort of design type thing, some sort of hybrid of those two, or something completely different, living in the city will always have an affect on me and my creative process. Cheesy...yes...but true :)

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