16 February, 2008

Major League Ping Pong_The RESA Open

Today is the Opening Tournament for the MLPP.
The RESA Open tournament will start promptly at 8:00 pm in the gym. Please be on time. I am going to be very serious with this league and I hope you will too. Please feel free to dress up in any way to further branding your team: either by style, color, or swagger. The league does not drug test nor are there any pre-game sobriety tests. Me and Harry will be the refs during the matches, I will also be keeping up on personal stats during each game ( for example I will keep count of ace serves, slams, rally points, and point streaks) I will keep the data on excel spread sheets and post the game stats on our group site after every tournament. Soon trading cards will be made available and our super stardom will come shortly after that. Good luck to everyone.

A look into the future of the MLPP:
doubles tournaments
team expansion try-outs
fan day, a tournament in the park (for all our international fans)
the BMW Open

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