22 February, 2008

Button, button, who's got the button?

Well, I'm sure many of you already know, because I've been really excited about it...but I've had my first Illustrator success. Ill admit...the program of choice for my data cards has not been Illustrator. I can't do the simple stuff yet, so I've been working with Photoshop. Well I got the idea that I would use symbols, like the kind you see all over the place as directional guides, in my data cards to show the type of transportation we used and the major activities we did. I found a button making tutorial for Illustrator and decided to make another attempt at the program. The tutorial was a really good one, even I could follow all the Illustrator commands, and I came out with a shiny blue button. The button above...well...its actually blue but Im not sure what this blog image uploader did but it made it ugly red. Anyways I took the button and changed it to 14 different colors that I then put the symbols onto. Making my datacards last night/this morning, I placed the buttons onto each card corresponding to what we did. I was a bit pressed for time this morning (I power-walked from RESA to studio in shorts and a Clemson hoodie at 9:40...got a few stares) and when the varying colors did not look as good together as I had hoped, I didnt really have any alternatives. I may go back and use only black buttons...or some color...so that just the symbol is changing and not the color. All in all...it was a pretty exhausting week but data cards are done (for now) so Im going to leave the rest of my decision making for later.

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