16 February, 2008

Finally getting into the swing of things

After being in Barcelona for over a month now, I feel like I'm actually getting into the swing of things here. I dont walk around like a tourist...although most of the time I'm still tempted to, but that urge deep down inside me to look like I belong here and am not, in fact, just a dumb American keeps me walking around with a camera plastered to my face all the time. This past week has pretty much been the first time I've felt like I'm at school for this semester and not just here to have to the time of my life, constantly learning and being immersed in a new culture but only working when I feel like it. In a way (hehehe) I am really glad for this change of course. I am here, with some really big deal architects and I want to produce work that is at the same standard as Clemson work or hopefully better. Unfortunately I feel like I wasnt pushing myself at the beginning of the semester and am now hoping that in the end, I will feel like I've produced at least one thing I'm proud of. I want to look back on this time in Barcelona knowing that I experienced more new things than I ever had, but also that I took the architectural opportunities presented to me for all that I could. Im hoping that Ill be able to figure out a balance between seeing the city etc and doing tons of work...itd be a shame to just do one of those.

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