20 February, 2008

Casestudies - La Granja Escalators

So far, I have had the most enjoyment with the case studies. The case studies are interesting to create and develop due to the fact that the way I am forced to look at a project is a bit backwards from what I have been previously taught. Usually we design a project, and then determine how to construct. Whenever we do architectural case studies, we look at the building's design, its circulation, its form, relevance to the site, blah blah, etc. etc. However, with the case studies for the materials class, I am having to analyze the pieces of the project that make up the whole. It is the details that matter and how the building is constructed rather than how it was designed. With the La Granja Escalators, the architects used the plywood mold to create a wood impression on the concrete. The impression was then used to create a more organic feel for the concrete. The lines that were created, looking like strips of wood, also point vertical on walls and point away to the outside views on the ceiling. The effect is a subtle influence to bring your attention up and out to the framed views of Toledo, Spain.

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