21 February, 2008

"In my opinion..."

Quite frankly, in MY opinion, and possibly a few others, I am tired of hearing this phrase.

"In my opinion, you are four architecture students, working at least 24 hours a day... working at 100%... this makes 400% of work that should be done..."

And it not because it's always my group that gets this schpiel, but the fact that I hear it 4-6 times per studio. Which, by the way, only lasts 2.5 hours a day, twice a week, at 23,000% each session, in my opinion. And to state the grueling facts, I have hardly seen sunlight this whole entire week. I take hour breaks about once or twice every 24 hours (when I should be working at 100% times 12) to take a shower, a nap, or enjoy a sit down meal that is somewhere other than the studio. And I know my ass is flat and numb on one side, permanently, AND I have wonderful cramps from staring at computers for 24 hours a day, and yet AGAIN, the people that neighbor our studio have complained about us partying all night. Obviously, we go to studio just to party and have a good old time. Yes, sometimes someone is playing a good 80s song out loud and we all chime in because we are delirious and we need something to obstruct our attention from our computers for about a song's length (where we are losing approximately 27.8% of work), but a party?! If we wanted to party, I think we'd all get our 40s and wine bottles and sit across the street from RESA with all the drunks and the crazy lady, right in front of Jose's vision so that he can't write us up and grumble in his slurred Catalan. Between studio, data cards, group cards, itineraries, hybrids, papers, and research, and I don't even know what else... everything's kind of blurring together. And it's really my fault that my data cards are still incomplete. They should have been done 5 days ago, when I wrote my paper and made my templates, but I am not happy with my templates, therefore I do not wish to complete them. I cannot stand to hand something in that I am not satisfied with, but I don't think I have much of a choice. There are deadlines, schmeadlines, showers, and hours of running that need to be met... Pool tables need to be found so some hustling for chupitos can occur, and a hot Spaniard needs to appear with either a hot car or a hot motorcycle and whisk me away for a nice, Sunday drive away from the city, because there are a few things I wish I could have brought with me from the States that I am missing crazily... This, by the way for those of you who don't know, is the love of my life, and the reason I need to go on a Sunday drive somewhere...

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