20 February, 2008


So, I took work back to RESA because I usually work better in my room, and I needed to eat. However, as I sat down at around 12:30 am to begin finishing up some of work, I realized that I did not have my sketch book. I think I flipped a small switch. I went through every single little hole and cranny to find it because I did not remember having it in studio. It was not in my room, so it had to be in studio. I end up running to studio because it was so late, and I didn't want to waste time. I ended up finding it and was so thankful. In this whole little stupid experience, I realized how much I depended on my sketchbook. All of my notes were in that small black book. All of my sketches and off the cuff ideas were in that book. Notes on my study travel, the Reina Sophia, everything. It really has become a document that is doing a better job of datascaping my time in Spain and Europe as a whole. I find that it is just as important as my wallet or my keys because it is irreplaceable (at least its content). I would be lost without it, and it is a tool that I become quite dependent on. Along with pens because otherwise you wouldn't be able to write in it, and I brought a lot of pens.

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