25 February, 2008

Eto'o is the jam

Camp Nou was awesome. Holding more than 98,000, its the largest stadium in Europe. Clemson game days are hard to top, but it was awesome to get back into the live sports scene.

Its been hard to keep with everything going on in American sports, and its frustrating I can't just go to a bar and watch basketball, so a little FC Barcelona was just what I needed. Seeing some of the world's best futbol players, it was something I may never get a chance to do again. I was expecting to Ronaldihno and Messi to be impressive, but my man Eto'o was lighting it up. Pulling off the hat trick, I'm his newest fan.

I don't know if anything over here can make up for me missing this upcoming March Madness, but it sure helps.

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